Westermo’s Per Erik Strandberg (left) and Johan Beijnoff with their award for ‘Best Demo’ at the ICST 2018 conference.

Testing demo earns award for Westermo at major software engineering conference

19 avril, 2018

An engaging technical demonstration, showing how automated software testing helps Westermo to deliver reliable industrial data communication networks, has earned an award for its two presenters at a top academic conference. Westermo’s Per Erik Strandberg and Johan Beijnoff landed the ‘Best Demo’ prize at ICST 2018 – a prestigious conference on software testing, validation and verification, hosted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Västerås, Sweden.

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Resilient data communications support reliable flood protection in Switzerland

10 avril, 2018

Industrial networking technology helps AWA achieve dependable 24/7 regulation of water levels at three lakes in the canton of Berne

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Mining in Czech Republic

04 avril, 2018

Robust and reliable data communications support effective mining operations at Vršany Lom in the Czech Republic

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