RS-422/485 Converter



✔ Easy to install and use RS-232 to RS-422/485 converter

• Purpose built DIN rail casing with integral clip
• RS-232 LED indicators for data and RTS/CTS
• DIP switch configuration

✔ Designed for use in harsh industrial applications

• Low voltage and high voltage version for DC and AC powering
• Total galvanic isolation & transient protection
• RS-422/485 termination and fail safe

✔ Robust for long service life

• 1,000,000 hours MTBF to MIL-HDBK-217K
• Operational ambient temperature –40 to +70°C (–40 to +158°F)
• Industrial EMC, shock and vibration approval tests

✔ Flexible communication options

• Two or four wire bus according to RS-422 or RS-485 standard
• Data format selectable from 9 to 12 bit
• Bus control selected by data or RTS


The MDW-45 is a simple serial converter allowing RS-232 and RS-422/RS-485 systems to be connected. DIP switches are used for all configuration options which makes the unit simple to install.

The MDW-45 is designed for use in heavy duty industrial applications. The wide power range, galvanic isolation, transient protection and the design of the termination and fail safe guarantees communication in the worst environments. Only industrial grade components are used which gives the MDW-45 an MTBF of 1,000,000 hours and ensures a long service life. A wide operating temperature range of –40 to +70°C (–40 to +158°F) is achieved using no moving parts.

The MDW-45 has been tested both by Westermo and external test houses to meet many EMC, isolation, vibration and shock standards, all to the highest levels suitable for heavy industrial environments and rail trackside applications.

The configurable design of the converter makes the MDW-45 suitable for a variety of applications with various speed and data bit options. Normally RS-485 data direction is controlled by the RS-232 handshaking lines however the MDW-45 also features an automatic turning time function allowing the unit to operate in any application.

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Caractéristiques Techniques

RS-422/485 Converter
1 x RS-422/485 4-position detachable screw terminal, 300 bit/s to 115.2 kbit/s
1 x RS-232 9-pin D-sub, 1200 bit/s to 115.2 kbit/s

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