Industrial Cellular 4G LTE Router

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✔ Rugged Smart grid 4G (LTE) router

• Low power consumption
• Wide operating voltage (19-60 VDC)
• -40 to +70°C

✔ High availability Cellular connectivity

• Continuous testing of the connection to the cellular network
• Configurable roaming functions
• Dual SIM cards

✔ Protocol conversion

• Protocol conversion between IEC-5-104, IEC-5-101, DNP3 and MODBUS devices
• Common data exchange protocol interface form SCADA to all remote devices
• Master/Slave polling functionality

✔ Secure IEC-62351, IEC-5-104 communications & VPN

• Authentication of IEC-5-104 commands (IEC 62351)
• Deep packet inspection of IEC-5-104 messaging
• DNV certified IEC 60870-5-104


The Virtual Access GW2028 router is a versatile, LTE wireless router suitable for a variety of industrial deployments. The compact and rugged structure makes it a suitable product for deployments where remote access to OT networks in harsh environments is required such as CCTV, telemetry, SCADA, smart grid, digital signage, and intelligent traffic systems.

The product line supports AT 4G/LTE connectivity as well as legacy HSPA+, HSPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and GSM. 

Quad Ethernet Ports
The GW2028 router offers 4 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces. Ports can be fully segmented using VLAN and 802.1q.

Digital Inputs and Output 
Two digital inputs are provided that can be used to detect remote contact states for monitoring door open/close or PIR detectors or similar. Custom scripts can be written to determine the action to be taken on the detection of an input state change. Syslog events, SNMP traps or emails can be generated. There is also a relay contact output. This can be controlled by a script on detecting any event within the device, or it can be controlled remotely.

Serial Ports
The RS232 serial and RS485 options facilitate direct connectivity to serial devices and enable remote console access.

Connection Monitoring & Dual SIM
The connection monitor ensures the GW2028 router deliveries maximum availability so long as the cellular network is available. For critical applications a dual SIM architecture ensures that a backup LTE network can take over should the primary network fail. The GW2028 router detects a network problem and fails over to a standby SIM/APN.

SMS Commands
The GW2028 router also supports SMS, so if the packet switched side of the network is down you can still send commands to the router to perform diagnostics or even a reload.

Advanced Security and Routing Features
The GW2028 router offers the highest level of VPN (IPSec and SSL) encryption and advanced routing features. The inbuilt stateful firewall offer the user compliance to IEC 62443 and IEC 62351 industrial cyber security standards.

Centralised Management and Zero Touch Deployment
The GW2028 router benefits from Activator, Virtual Access' centralised configuration management and monitoring system. Activator simplifies and automates deployment, management and support tasks in managed network environments. The zero-touch deployment functionality built into Activator means GW2028 routers can be deployed without the need of onsite configuration or even knowledge of IP or LTE networks.

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Caractéristiques Techniques

Industrial Cellular Router
4 x 10/100 Mbit/s, RJ-45
2 x SIM card slot
1 x RS-232 port, RJ-45
1 x RS-485 port, RJ-45

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